Questions to Ask Our Competition


Your restaurant's attention is probably often solicited by competing online ordering companies. We know it because our clients tell us! In direct response to these poaching attempts, we'll reiterate our competitive advantages to reinforce why we continue to serve the best offer. We will achieve this by providing you with questions that you should consider asking our competitors. These are the key factors in choosing an online ordering provider. These questions also apply if you're considering a switch to Menufy - in which case we invite you to contact our friendly sales department at 913-738-9399 extension 2 or


Operating Expenses

  • Does the online ordering system charge you a percentage or a flat commission per order, a monthly fee, a setup fee or a combination of fees? Menufy: $1.25 per transaction which you can pass onto your customers or absorb it; zero monthly fees.
  • How much is the credit card transaction fee? Menufy: 2.5% + $0.30.
  • Who covers chargebacks? Menufy: we do.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Is the online ordering company interested in generating as many orders as possible? They aren't if they charge you a monthly fee. Menufy: no monthly fees.


User Experience (UX)

  • Is the online ordering website clunky, slow to load, difficult to use on mobile devices, does it force customers to create a login account? Menufy: our user interfaces (UI) has been streamlined for a fast and intuitive ordering experience.
  • Does your online ordering company listen to your customers' feedback and continually optimize for UX? Menufy: our software has been and will continue to be built on a feedback loop from both our client restaurants and the customers.

Human Support

  • Is there a live person located in the US who will immediately help your customers and the restaurant if there are concerns or unexpected events? e.g. there is a power outage; an order needs to be changed or refunded. Menufy: we offer phone support.
  • Is multi-language phone support available? Menufy: Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, and French support are available.


Does the online ordering software transmit your customers' credit card over fax, text, email or any other insecure method? These practices pose as significant risks and violate PCI compliance. Menufy: we handle security and privacy with the utmost care and never transmit nor store non-encrypted payment information.


Can my customers order from a mobile app? Menufy: Restaurants get a complimentary listing in our iOS and Android app for easy mobile ordering.


Is your website optimized to search well in Google? Menufy: our websites are optimized for organic local search visibility.

Restaurant Workflow

Do you get a tablet and a ticket printer to easily receive online orders? Menufy: Restaurants can request a tablet + printer combination for easy order tracking in the kitchen.


Do you get a custom branded-website on its own domain (web address) or just a subpage inside a directory? Menufy: you get a standalone website and a free listing on our web portal and mobile app.

Where We Stand

Our mission is two-fold:

  1. Enabling you to offer the best website and online ordering experience for your customers.
  2. Offering you the most cost-effective and convenient system for your restaurant, all to increase your bottom line.

Menufy believes in strong competition, and for this reason, we constantly strive to be your top choice. we're not afraid to tell you this because we know that we are one of the best online ordering systems in the market!

Thank you for choosing us. We are always here if you have any questions.