Online Ordering Comparison

If your restaurant decides to cover the $1.50 fee, run this calculator to see how much you can still save compared to our competitors (we also offer a commission-free option for restaurants by directly charging your customers–learn more on our pricing page).

Menufy's flat pricing model is an alternative to percentage-based commissions. Menufy lowers your online ordering costs, emphasizes your restaurant's brand across all touchpoints, and in the end, provides a better experience for your customers.

Change the average order values and number of take out orders by dragging the sliders to a desired value:

Step 1: Pick Your Average Online Take Out Price


Step 2: How Many Weekly Take Out Orders Do You Receive?


GrubHub’s average commission is 13.5%*, costing you
a year.

EatStreet’s average commission is 15%*, costing you
a year.

  Menufy’s fee per order is $1.50, costing you a year.

By using Menufy, your restaurant can save
per year.

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