Free Domain Name Registration for Restaurants


No Website?

Our sales team has encountered an unexpected amount of privately owned restaurants without a website, a trend that seemingly hasn't decreased.

By order of most likely reason:

  1. The restaurant did not invest in a website,
  2. Lost access to the domain name registrar (e.g. the original webmaster or agency is withholding the login credentials or more often than not, has "disappeared"),
  3. Lost an expired domain name to a squatter that is reselling it at an exponentially higher starting bid price,
  4. A generic and unbranded subdomain space (e.g.

Sound familiar?

Free Domain

Until now, we've purchased and renewed complimentary domain names at our discretion for restaurants that we deemed to be ideal clients, but we're happy to announce that effective today, we are offering a domain name and management at no cost for all restaurants that hire Menufy as their e-commerce vendor.

100% Domain Ownership

Unsatisfied with Menufy? Unlike other unsavory web shops, you have the option of retaining the domain name if you decide to part ways. Simply backpay however many years we've managed the domain at no extra markup (it averages out to about $12 per year). We think that it's fair and the best way for your restaurant to get - or get back - online!