Custom Delivery Zones

We've released a major enhancement to our delivery zoning feature that resulted from restaurant feedback. You can now create individually-priced and multiple custom-shaped delivery areas.

What it means:

  1. Different delivery fees can be set according to geographical areas.
  2. If you use local roads and highways as delivery borders, you can now draw a zone to match these boundaries.
  3. If you wish to avoid delivering to certain neighborhoods, you can now draw a delivery zone around it.

Here's a screenshot of a multi-zone delivery area for one of our live client restaurants in Kansas City. Each colored area represents a zone with a different delivery fee:


Customers with addresses outside of the highlighted areas will not be able to place a delivery order and will receive a message during the checkout process indicating that their location is out of the restaurant's delivery range.

Delivery zone setup

Creating a custom delivery zone is easy: log into your Menufy manager account and navigate to Delivery Settings.

To create a delivery zone:

  1. Click on Add Zone and set a delivery fee in the Price column.
  2. Click on the map to pin markers.
  3. To move a marker, you can click and drag existing markers. To undo a move, click on the arrow icon to the right of the marker that was repositioned.
  4. Once the delivery zone is complete, double click on the last marker to connect the dots.
  5. To create an additional zone with a different delivery fee, click on Add Zone.
  6. Click on Save when finished

Alternatively, you're welcome to print a map of your local area on and to fax it to us at 866-347-8859 with handdrawn zones.