Tasty Rewards, Our New Loyalty Program

Following a successful pilot study, we're thrilled to introduce our new customer loyalty program to all of our partner restaurants: Tasty Rewards - the digital version of traditional punch cards. Our 24 beta testing locations averaged over 20% in increased orders!


According to 2013 research conducted by Maritz, loyalty programs continue to play an important role in the marketing mix and contribute to shaping consumers' experiences. Key findings on brand relationship from a survey of +6000 US consumers:

  1. 80% agree that loyalty programs are "definitely worth the effort of participating".

  2. 57% modify when and where they make purchases to maximize loyalty benefits.

  3. 70% agree that loyalty programs are "a part of my relationship with the company".

How it works

Once activated, the restaurant rewards participating customers with a free meal worth the average of the last 10 orders. With this incentive, we're confident that order frequency will increase, resulting in higher sales for your restaurant.

For example, if a customer places 10 orders and averages $30 per order not including taxes and fees, the customer will be rewarded $30 to apply on the 11th order. The reward equates to a latent 10% discount offered by the restaurant ($30 reward with $300 in food purchase = 30/300 = 10%), which will reflect on your monthly sales report.

Read more in our Tasty Rewards FAQ

How do my customers participate?

To participate in the online loyalty program, your customers will check out using the Facebook or Google+ account linking option. Guest checkout orders do not count towards the virtual punch card and previous orders cannot be retroactively validated.

Additional benefits to requiring customers to login:

  • Customers can save their payment information to speed up subsequent orders.

  • We have exciting plans for an easy 1-click re-ordering of previous orders.

We again view the Tasty Rewards program as a valuable gateway to increase your take-out and delivery order volume while curbing customer attrition.

Sign me up!

Enrollment in the Tasty Rewards program is FREE of charge for both the restaurant and your customers. As always, we believe that your online ordering success is a win-win for our partnership.

To activate Tasty Rewards on your restaurant's website, contact your Menufy representative or call us at (913)738-9399.