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We're happy to announce the integration of Google's OAuth protocol into our restaurant online ordering system. Your customers can now login through Google+ and Facebook, or checkout as a guest.

We're excited about this new Google+ login option, not only from users requesting an alternative to Facebook (despite its login usage doubling quarter on quarter), but also from the growing trend for social logins: an October 2012 study by Blue Research confirmed that social login is now understood, recognized and increasingly used by a majority of consumers.

Why Login?

  1. We offer this simple and secure user authentication method instead of requiring your customers to register a new account from scratch (creating a username, password, verifying their email address, etc.). No need to remember (and forget) separate credentials.
  2. Logging in enables your customers to save their payment information, which speeds up and encourages subsequent repeat orders. In fact, repeat orders increased 7.5% quarter on quarter after we started offering the Facebook login and credit card saving option.