Out of Beta

We're proud to announce that Menufy has come out of beta! Much gratitude to all of our beta users for the extensive feedback and support. We couldn't have built Menufy without you.

This important milestone is our way of signaling confidence in our current offering and a readiness for larger projects to come.


2012 was a pivotal year with slightly North of one hundred releases geared towards (1) better serving our client restaurants and end-users, and to (2) further increase stability. Major developments included:

  1. Cash payment option: Online food orders paid in cash was among the top requests based on surveyed feedback from 1,141 respondents. We listened and restaurants can now choose to accept cash in addition to online credit card payments. We are currently in the process of activating the cash option for all of our existing client restaurants while new clients can immediately opt into accepting cash payments.
  2. Facebook login integration: Users may now save their billing address and contact information through Facebook, expediting the already fast checkout process.
  3. Credit card saving option: As another popular request in our survey, we now offer the option to save payment information for users who authenticate through Facebook, and we are currently working on integrating Google's OAuth 2.0 protocol. We have also reinstated cookie-based address saving for users who do not wish to login or store their credit card. Our lean checkout process is now even faster for repeat orders.
  4. Order verification: To minimize order turnaround delays, we have developed an order confirmation process that can be completed in a snap through our automated calling service, text messaging, email, or through our console.
  5. Online ordering fee absorption: our SaaS is free for restaurants since we directly charge users a convenience fee, but for restaurants that wish to offer free online ordering to their customers, we now offer the option for the restaurant to absorb the fee. Restaurants can also set an order amount threshold before the fee is absorbed. Unlike our competitors, we do not and never will charge a percentage of the total order. We charge a low flat fee whether it's covered by the user or the restaurant. We believe that this choice is best made by the restaurant.
  6. New time and day-parting options for additional flexibility in managing online ordering during the restaurant's business hours.
  7. We have also successfully launched our new Android-based console, which our beta testing client restaurants reportedly love!

We are currently seeking funding to further accelerate growth. For inquiries on investment opportunities, please contact us at info@menufy.com